Saturday, June 15, 2013

Plain,trains, and automobiles

Carrie Bradshaw lied when she made riding a plane across the world look glamorous. Try again sister. Let's give the honest view: a two person seating area barely big enough to fit you alone and let's not even count the person next to you that now becomes your bff and snuggle buddy (thank goodness I at least knew her) Sleeping on planes is far from easy but I managed to get a few hours in. Delta Airlines pleasantly surprised me with the individual screens on the back of each seat, that allowed each of us to watch and listen to pretty much anything and everything and kept us updated on the flights progress, that however is not a free service to those who are flying in the continental US. The food was less than mediocre, but hey its food right, it could be so much worse. We arrived at Heathrow at about 10:30 am this morning, and I am positive my loved ones loved my wake up call to them since it was 5:30 am their time. We were then picked up by charter bus and brought to the University and our journey began. Just today we have made friends with the tube (London's term for subway), celebrated the Queen's Birthday, caught up on time with Big Ben, saw the lovely Abbey where the most recent Royal Wedding was held, and ultimately met up with the Queen again at her humble abode. I am sad to report we were unable to have tea and crumpets with her this afternoon, she was otherwise engaged. We are also enjoying the sounds of the different dialects and we have learned that they ask many more questions and are much more detail oriented than many Americans when it comes to getting orders correctly. We also learned about the english tipping system and got some interesting stares at a  local pub, I believe our attire is a little more flashy than that of the locals. Anyways, just a little update from across the pond. Here's to better weather and hair days tomorrow, oh and cross your fingers we don't fry our hair tools :) I'll leave you with a few photos!



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  1. I am LOVING reading your post from across the ocean. Too bad the Queen was busy. Hair is overrated (have you seen the styles of hair there?!) Don't worry with looks Dearie. Just have FUN! Miss you much and can't wait to hear all about your adventure.