Wednesday, June 19, 2013

...and it sets in

Exhaustion. One word describes it all. I am utterly, completely exhausted. We went on  a cross country adventure which included Windsor Castle, Oxford, and Stonehenge...I'm pretty sure I am so tired I just called it Stonehedge, yeah I think it is safe to say I need sleep. Nevertheless, the sights were amazing, but we spent the majority of the day on the bus with an awfully annoying tour guide who's jokes were aimed at the category of 70+. Okay, enough of my sarcasm.
Other adventures include bike riding around town, yes bike riding, I don't believe I have been on a bike in about 8 years and I really wished they made those bad boys in a kiddie size, your girl can't reach the ground and needs some training wheels. I am also embarrassed to report that I may or may not have run over an older lady in front of the British Museum because I couldn't get my breaks to work. I'm happy to report she is doing alright, I will probably never live this down, and it has caused lots of laughs. We also went to an ice bar, what an awesome experience and being in this amazing city made all the more better. Tomorrow we have another business visit, so I am off to bed, clearly I need to be. Here's to bumps, bruises, and memories galore. I have a whole list to fill everyone in on, hope to get some more time soon.  As promised a few pictures :)

P.S. No Queen spotting yet, but hope is still in the air!

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