Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have decided I need a re-do on my page, there is so much I want to do, but I am not the best with computer stuff. I want to have a cute font and design at the top of my page... Can anyone help me with that?!?
I also want a twitter icon, so you all can follow me, because I am an obsessed Tweeter... I am even considering a new background.

Why all this change, I feel like I am getting a fresh start, yes sadly summer is ending, but wow has it been a changing summer for me. I have grown up a good bit, worked on the priorities in my life (they were a little messed up) I know I am bound to mess up along the way, but hey God is there with through every step along with a great support system, so I think I will be just fine!!! SO, I need every one's help, please leave me suggestions on how to REFRESH my page...


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Techno Savvy

I have come into the possession of some great technology lately, mostly for my apartment use, but nonetheless I am excited about all the new things I will be using.

my new printer

my new tv

Other than that I am continuing to get decor, I am getting excited about moving and I am super excited about my new stuff!!!

In other news I have to once again profess my love for Ann Taylor Loft!!! Being as petite as I am, I cannot find clothes to fit me as well as theirs do... This weekend I shopped and got a few items for fall.... the bf was sweet enough to surprise me with a shopping trip. I also got a few basics from H&M another fabulous place!!! Anyways off to finishing class work...

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I thought summer classes were supposed to be simpler then those during the regular school year, but guess what they aren't. I am taking a 3 week English class and I hope it won't be the death of me. The only reason that I have been so stagnant in blogging is due to the fact that I am busy writing and editing papers....With only a week left I have two papers to write, one being a research paper and the word stress has become the only word in my vocabulary.

I promise to try to be better about posting on a normal basis, but I can't promise it will be exciting... it might be about werewolves that is what my class is based on, but not the hot ones like Jacob(team Jacob all the way) , but rather the scary ones... Hope you all have a wonderful week

Wishing I was viewing this:

Instead of this:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Kind of Love

I pride myself on being honest, sometimes I am even a little to brutally honest, but despite that, I always want to be open with all bloggers who continue to read my posts ( and I gladly appreciate that)... but there is one aspect of my life that I have not been openly honest with each of you about and that is my relationships. It isn't something I am ever easy to discuss with, though I have a big personality I am quite private about dating matters. Anyways, I have decided that in order to make this blog truly mine that I need to open up a little about the subject. So here we go!

What began as a friendship 3 years ago turned into an amazing relationship a little over a year and a half ago as fate would have it. Not only a best friend, but a great listener, which is great for someone who loves to talk like me. Over the last year it has been a wild ride, we were inseparable my last semester of high school and some of the best memories of my life are from those few months, but soon enough I was off to college, while he completed his last year of high school at home.... while we experienced quite a few ups and downs and break there in between, this summer our paths have once again aligned and we are off on an exciting journey. While he is headed to Clemson and I back to my own University, we will be separated by exactly 3hrs and 6 minutes, but as summer comes to end and we soon part ways I go back to pictures from long ago that bring back great times.

The early days!

All dressed up!

I am really bad about taking photos lately so I don't have a recent one of us, but I promise to post one soon. SO as I prepare to transition back into school this fall, I listen to local Georgia artist, Corey Smith with my favorite line... "when the sun goes down in Georgia I'll be missing you".....and of course the famous lyrics from James Taylor

" And I'm going to Carolina in my mind" ......

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Apartment hunt complete

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this post, but I must say since July 4Th everything has been crazy busy. I started a 3 week English class this week, I am working the afternoon shift which after clean up, I get off about 7. Then this week my evenings are filled with dates considering my Clemson boy, Kev who I mentioned in an earlier post is going out of town for 10 days starting Friday. Soooo can you say buys?!?! Check!!! Anyways,I will deal more with my personal life in the next couple posts, this one is to let everyone know I no longer homeless in the fall, I found an apartment and it is 3 bedrooms, so we won't have to search for a random 4Th roommate like we had originally thought. Plus we have a lot more amenities then originally expected, even though it is a little farther off campus, but it is going to be completely worth it. I am going to post a few photos from the model we looked at, of course when we move in I will post actual pictures.
one corner of the living area

The dining area (ours will be bigger since we only have 3 bedrooms)

The desk and study area of the bedroom

The club house ( which also includes a gym and pool outside)

Have a great week!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Well hello July!

I have been a little incognito this past week. Getting back into the swing of things after my beach trip was rough, but I am back now!!! Expect a full post in a couple days...

Can anyone believe July is already here??? I feel like the summer is flying by. As of Monday the apartment, I was planning to live in this Fall in no longer available, so I am scrambling to find a new place as quickly as possible. Hoping that will work out soon enough. I have a new song that I am loving currently, I don't know if any of you enjoy country, but Lady Antebellum's tune "Our Kind of Love" is a great summer chill song, with sweet lyrics. Be sure to check it out!

More later!