Thursday, February 25, 2010

Days go by....

Wow!!! It has been a few days and oh how much has occured. Let's start with last week!
My stepfather's birthday was last weekend,so I packed up prepared to head home to celebrate with everyone. My big was coming with me, so we dropped off her car at her house. On our way, I had a sudden craving for Cheez-its as I often do, so upon deciding to stop and going in to pay, I LOCKED my keys in my car!!! So, then we went through the whole process of calling a locksmith because my extra key was back at my dorm room. The locksmith showed up in an unmarked van, CREEEPY, and his appearance was somewhat frightening, but fourtunately, we got the car unlocked and made it home safetly.
My parents took us both out to dinner later that evening, and to increase the excitement of my day, I got up to leave and ran right into my ex. It wasn't as awkward as I had once anticipated, but nonetheless it made the day just a little bit crazier.

Now for this week:
We just found out that 5 girls within my sorority have been chosen to represent us as rho gammas, meaning they will be on the other side of recruitment leading the young ladies who will be going through in the fall, so I am super excited about that. We had a social this week with the Chi Phi fraternity and our theme was Shipwrecked, it was a blast. One of my pledge sister's and I made shirts, stating" Don't touch the booty" of course in reference to treasure! Besides that, I have decided to make a name by running for senator on SGA, which I am hoping will be a blast. Now, if I can only stay on top of classes, the closer spring break gets the more lethargic I get.....
I hope to have my computer back this week, so hopefully I will have pictures up soon.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

VALENTINE SCHMALENTINE... and oh so much more!

It has been a few days since I last checked in and oh how much has occurred. Let's begin with Valentine's day.

Well, this year I was trechnically single, but I did not feel like it in any sense of the word. I spent the weekend with my family and my big, KLH, which was wonderful. We had to drive home in the crazy snow on Friday afternoon, but we had a beautiful sight when we woke up on Saturday...(pictures to follow. i promise!) Anyways, Sunday I was delighted with several wonderful gifts, a lovely fragrance from KLH, a beautiful picture frame, with a inspritaional song on it, and my father decided to go an easier root and just give money, but as many of you know a college student loves money. After spending the day with my family, we headed back to school, and stopped to enjoy dinner, with my big's sister, EE and her husband. EE gave me an adorable cupcake candy dish that is now adorning my desk. My day was completed when I suprised my roommate, TMoss , who was my "valentine" with a huge balloon. While buying it, I accidentially let it go in the middle of the store, huge ordeal. But she was suprised so it was worth every cent and anxiety. All in all, it was a wonderful day, and one I will surely remember for years.

In the last week, I have also discovered that computers hate me, everyone I touch goes insane. Mine crashed last week, then my father's business loaned me one and the charger stopped working, it is just a mess, so I have high hopes mine will make a full recovery soon. I am also in search of a laptop case for a huge 17" computer, if any of you know where I might find one, I need some suggestions.

Now a small rundown of everything else that has occurred, several of my friends and I booked a place for spring break, yay, a much welcomed vacation. I attended my first "butts and guts" workout class yesterday, killer!!! but I decided if I am going to the beach, I had better make my way back to the gym. While at the gym, I enjoyed good conversation with several of my AXID sisters, I guess it is a good common place to bond. When I returned however, I longed for a hot shower to ease my soreness, but my luck, no HOT water anywhere in my dormitory, so I am presently basking in pain from my dorm room.... off to more adventures. I will post pictures of my snow and valentine adventures soon!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

like sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives!

It has been one of those days where everything starts out rough, but by the end there is a hint of a silver lining. Over the last couple years my brother and I have had a rocky relationship, which is due in part to both of us. I have been in the need for some advice lately and the only person I could think to go to in my family who would be honest was him. As soon I texted him, I felt as though we were 15 and 18 again sharing dating stories and picking at one another. It was as though we had never been at ends with one another. He gave some good honest and insightful advice and we even discussed how much we missed each other and were hoping to visit each other soon. This morning when I woke up, I was in a rut with my life and through my epiphany, my day was quickly Brightened.

Now for a rundown of my day other than that little bit above:

1. I got a tour of my Big's hometown, which was fun, and ate a local restaurant there.
2. I ate dinner with my Big, her sister and her brother-in-law at Taco Mac.
3. We then helped my Big's sister color her hair and now her sister is singing at the top of her lungs to us on speaker phone
4. I am ending the night with a little disney classic called, Mary Poppins

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It is just a stumbling block in the journey of life...

Do you ever come to a crossroads in your life and and you unsure where life is taking you? I feel like I have come to a point in my life more recently. Whereas, part of my life feels completed as I have fallen into the pattern of being on my own at school and joining organizations, my personal life has been hard especially when keeping attachments to those I have left behind in my hometown. It has become a struggle to have ties both at home and at school. To leave those behind who are the very basis of where I hail from is a uncertain and uncomfortable but ultimately inevidable.
This week I have been struggling more than usual and withiut the support of my wonderfull roommate Tmoss and my fabulous big KLH, I really wouldn't have made it. Each of them represent a part of my life, my roommate being from my hometown and my big being someone who represents the newer part of my life. Both provide so much support and push me toward the success I long to reach.
So if only a minor stummbling block, I push foward into my crossroads, and map the way into my future with my past behind and my future foward.