Monday, November 15, 2010


Keep it simple stupid or silly as I like to say....
Here I go again going multiple weeks without blogging, oh gosh life doesn't leave me much time for anything these days, but on the bright side I am hoping Christmas break will give me more time to do so. SO, I have SO SO much to say, I am keeping it SIMPLE with a little jot list of all I have forgotten to insert:

-I took a little(she's the bomb and I can't wait to show pics)
-the boy is awesome and loving every minute of Clemson while my closet gets more purple and orange by the day, not to mention he is keeping me grounded through all my craziness :)
-I got chosen to be Public Relations Vice President for my Sorority ( Stoked!)
-My dad is headed to the capitol, the state capitol that is...the political candidate he works for got elected to be the next Governor (if you don't know already, I love politics aka RED)

MOREEE SOOON!!! SO much more!