Saturday, June 26, 2010

Award excitement!

SO, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Blonde Ambitionfor the Sugar Doll Award

The point of this award is to share ten things about yourself, pass this award onto ten bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fantastic and finally contact the bloggers to let them know you’ve picked them for an award.

soo ten things about me:

1. I am a girl who loves a bargain, though I lust for labels, finding them at a lower price makes me and my wallet a little bit happier.

2. I am an only child by birth, but over the past ten years I have gained a blended family, with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, whom I love. In addition this year, I gained 79 more sisters by joining a sorority, so much love in so little time.

3. I have passion for writing and travelling, it is what I have always loved, because of course life is a journey not a destination, and I am always along for the ride, but what many do not know is as much as I love to travel over the last year my home has become one of my favorite places, because after moving off to college I really realized you CAN go home!

4. I am not a neat freak by any means, but I do love things to match (most of the time) I try to be a free spirit and let the colors fall where they may, but neat and pressed is always best. My room however does not always carry to that saying, I can be quite unorganized at times.

5. Music is my refuge, as well as the beach, but I love every type of music, and I also love to dance, even though you won't be seeing me on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon, but jam sessions are great stress reliever.

6.I am super close with my mom, she is such a rock for me and she inspires me to be a better person. She exemplifies classy and is in every the southern lady, you often read about in books, my mother gave up so much for me to be where I am today and I often don't give her credit, but she is one of the greatest women i know!

7. I love football especially SEC football (Go Dawgs!), but most recently I have attached myself to the color purple seeing as though I am being pulled into the ACC conference thanks to a certain young man ( Go Tigers!), never thought I would hear that out of my mouth. Thanks Kev!

8. I love talking and I certainly like to speak my peace, though I try to do it in an appropriate manner, I often tell my best friend that whoever marries me will truly love me and my brutal honesty.

9. I have a passion for special needs children, one of brothers is hearing impaired and the close relationship we shared inspired me to reach out to others. More recently I have been involved with Autism Speaks.

10. Finally, as the tag line says, I am just a small town girl, but I am headed out into this extraordinary world to make my mark and hope to encourage others along the way.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog from the Beach

Wow!! It had only been a few days and I miss the blogging world so much, luckily I am getting a little break to blog while I am here. The weather is beautiful and I am happy to report, my skin is starting to BRONZE... While at the beach I lovve to read, my new summer favorite is Mary Kay Andrews, so right now I am reading Savannah Blues. The book is fabulous and I love the author.

enjoy your week!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

quick shopping recap

So, I did a little pre-beach shopping and I thought I would share a couple of my treasures with each of you.... many of you know I search for a steal when it comes to price so I am happy to report that I succeeded at smart shopping once again...
My first exciting purchase was this Tommy Hilfiger beach mat from Marshall's... precious!!! and it came in so many cute patterns.

My second was not me, :) but rather an adorable but simple beach bag, what I loved was the soft handle and cute little fasten on the front. I am standing in it to show how huge the bag is, yep I can stand in it, but for $10 dollars you can't go wrong

Well I will probably be taking a week off while on Vacation, but I will return shortly


counting down the days

1 day until , I am soaking up some rays!!!!! St. George Island here I come.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Glee Obesession

I am obsessed with GLEE! Yes, I admit I am arts nerd and anything with music, I am pretty much a sucker for, but I love the twist they put on both current hits and past ones. If you haven't heard the music or watched the show, you are missing out. Recently on the finale they did a version of Journey's song , "Faithfully" amazing, you can listen to it here.

Have a good week!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My summer shopping list!

I have always gone by the shopping tactic that if you buy the basics, you can use them forever, well a few years anyways. In addition you can always add little pieces here and there like tops and jewelry which can make any outfit unique and different. So, I have made a list of a few things I would like to add to my collection this summer, don't know how many I will actually check off.

Here's the list:


Shirt Dress

Linen Pants

RL Button Down

What are your summer must-haves?


Friday, June 11, 2010

Ralph Lauren... such a classic!

So I know all the proclaimed prepsters out there all know and love Polo, the iconic horse and the preppy, but simply classic attire, everyone loves it. I have a certain love for the "polo dress" Such a simple piece that can be so versatile.

I own two Polo dresses; one carribean blue and the other magenta, both have stayed with me over the last couple years and within that time they have been quite a few miles. I love clothing,but I also the love the impressions left after the clothing has been worn. Recently upon putting on one of my dresses, I began to remember every memory that had been made in that dress. Beach trips, Senior pictures, girls nights, dates, so many moments that were iconic in my life transitioned into such an iconic piece of clothing. I know it might sound silly to think of clothing in such an aspect, but as great as new things are, the old always wear the best! So, as you slip into your summer wardrobe, do you have a piece that often brings you comfort or bears a good memory?

-Ash :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

such a crazy life

Do you ever feel like you need a little breather now and again?

Boy, do I!!!

I live such a fast paced life that is often hard to take those needed breathers. Lately, I have been bogged down with my mistakes rather than growing and changing. I have three minor flaws that often hurt me: one is my habitual" freak out", another is my stubbornness, and my third is being a people pleaser. Though who isn't guilty of doing one of the three at one time or another. This summer though it is technically a break, I am obviously working on other things in my personal life, including the three technical flaws. Prioritizing is the first step to creating a better perspective, as well as organization. Though I am only one person and I can only do so much, so I am bound to mess up now and again, especially since I am only human. I just know that those who truly love me will see past my minor flaws because the only way to learn and grow from your downfalls is encouragement.

So, this weekend I used a breather by going out on the lake to celebrate a friends birthday. I love going out on the lake, wind blowing in your hair and the beautiful landscape, you can't help but be at one with God's creation. Of course we shared a few laughs and some good music throughout the day, which are all de-stressers for me personally.

Speaking of music, I know I have been talking about making a summer playlist and I have found a couple tunes I am obsessed with like California Gurls by Katy Perry and Your Love is my Drug by Ke$ha, but I need your help, so please leave some suggestions for me please and I will be sure to do a how blog dedicated to the playlist!!



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back in action!

So, it has been an entire week since my last blog, sorry I have been so busy enjoying the summer sun, along with visiting friends and family. Must say I enjoyed a girls evening last friday which of course included SATC2, which I loved, I know it is getting mixed reviews, but I LOVED it. Before the movie, TMOSS and I had an adventure, as we usually do, her car decided to get a flat tire in the middle of the interstate, but thankfully we got off the interstate safetly. I also started my new summer job, so that added more fun. I learned how to use a cash register...scary, but I tackled it.
This weekend we went to visit my aunt, who has a beautiful little backyard and pool area, it is just so quaint, I love hanging out there.

This was my view for the weekend...
Started a great new book, Mary Kay Andrews, I just love her books!!! I just finished Savannah Breeze and now I am reading Savannah Blues. You may also notice my precious dog Zoe who decided to tan with me.Overall it was a great weekend with friends and family.
I have also taken up a new challenge thanks to a dear friend, KB, it is RUNNING! Yeah, I hate it...and I am not very good at it, but I am attempting so that is half the battle, but if any of you have running advice, I would love to hear, maybe even a good choice for a running shoe.

Finally thanks to Politically Sweet for the Your going places baby award!!!! I am quite thrilled!

The challenge if this award is to imagine where you see yourself in 10 years... I guess I see myself working in the Journalism field, since it is my major. I hope to be travelling for both business and pleasure, as well as making my mark in a positive way. Hopefully by this point, I will have found that wonderful man who will make me incandescently happy and we will live a happy life centered around the blessing God bestows no matter what they may be. Of course, I ultimately don't choose my path God will, so here's to seeing what comes next...

So now to those I would like to tag next...
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I know this was a lot to catch up on.