Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day in the life of...

Ahhh about over this silly sickness and boy is the spring weather helping, but I have so much to share:

What you've missed:

  • I got selected to be a Rho Gamma during recruitment next fall, basically this means I will disaffiliate with my sorority during recruitment and be a counselor for the potential new girls going through rush, some of you might know them as Pi Chis, they are the same thing! Can you say khakis shorts instead or dresses and curls?! I am pumped!

  • The fine university I attend selected me as its target for a parking ticket last week, my first of course because my silly hang tag fell. Cut me some slack?! Not only will the ticket be over $20 but they also took pictures of my car. Thank you rent-a-cop!

Now for the post: A day in the life of my parents

They are crazy, goofy, and sometimes annoying but I love them and I just had to share the adventure I had with them last weekend. It was straight out of a comedic film. We went to a local history museum and what a hoot that was... the poor museum had scratched out incorrect info instead of replacing it...but my dad was fascinated so it was fine. After all the "great" history we learned my parents decided to become a real life Louis and Clark and search out places they saw in the museum. Needless to say the iPhone was the true explorer because it found our destination before Louis and Clark. In between there my parents decided we should join the grandparent crowd at 4:00 in the afternoon to eat. Early bird special much?!? :)Later on we went to visit my parents friends. Bare in mind these friends are in their mid 70s, so this included an evening of westerns and me hoping my phone battery wouldn't die. I love the people, but westerns ehhh not so much. Oh the hilarious life of my parents. It may not be my perfect evening but it was filled with memories and well a whole new perspective.

This week I am beaching it up with girlfriends from high school for SB! Hopefully I will be able to update you with photos, if my computer doesn't die because part of my charger is missing Ha!!! So glad to be back