Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have decided I need a re-do on my page, there is so much I want to do, but I am not the best with computer stuff. I want to have a cute font and design at the top of my page... Can anyone help me with that?!?
I also want a twitter icon, so you all can follow me, because I am an obsessed Tweeter... I am even considering a new background.

Why all this change, I feel like I am getting a fresh start, yes sadly summer is ending, but wow has it been a changing summer for me. I have grown up a good bit, worked on the priorities in my life (they were a little messed up) I know I am bound to mess up along the way, but hey God is there with through every step along with a great support system, so I think I will be just fine!!! SO, I need every one's help, please leave me suggestions on how to REFRESH my page...



  1. Ashley at designs custom blog headers :)

  2. i spent a ton of time on mine, especially with the new blogger format, etc. it's definitely worth it in the end but be prepared to play around with it a lot. (i think i used microsoft paint/word and added my image and fonts, etc). as for twitter, i think you can add a new blogger box that's made specifically for twitter -- it then allows you to choose what twitter design (there are tons!).

    hope everything falls into place for you girl! p.s. you know im "twitterobsessed" too :)