Thursday, July 22, 2010


I thought summer classes were supposed to be simpler then those during the regular school year, but guess what they aren't. I am taking a 3 week English class and I hope it won't be the death of me. The only reason that I have been so stagnant in blogging is due to the fact that I am busy writing and editing papers....With only a week left I have two papers to write, one being a research paper and the word stress has become the only word in my vocabulary.

I promise to try to be better about posting on a normal basis, but I can't promise it will be exciting... it might be about werewolves that is what my class is based on, but not the hot ones like Jacob(team Jacob all the way) , but rather the scary ones... Hope you all have a wonderful week

Wishing I was viewing this:

Instead of this:

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  1. i completely feel you about summer classes!!! I'm in chemistry and it is TERRIBLE!!! i am counting down the days til i am done!!