Sunday, June 6, 2010

such a crazy life

Do you ever feel like you need a little breather now and again?

Boy, do I!!!

I live such a fast paced life that is often hard to take those needed breathers. Lately, I have been bogged down with my mistakes rather than growing and changing. I have three minor flaws that often hurt me: one is my habitual" freak out", another is my stubbornness, and my third is being a people pleaser. Though who isn't guilty of doing one of the three at one time or another. This summer though it is technically a break, I am obviously working on other things in my personal life, including the three technical flaws. Prioritizing is the first step to creating a better perspective, as well as organization. Though I am only one person and I can only do so much, so I am bound to mess up now and again, especially since I am only human. I just know that those who truly love me will see past my minor flaws because the only way to learn and grow from your downfalls is encouragement.

So, this weekend I used a breather by going out on the lake to celebrate a friends birthday. I love going out on the lake, wind blowing in your hair and the beautiful landscape, you can't help but be at one with God's creation. Of course we shared a few laughs and some good music throughout the day, which are all de-stressers for me personally.

Speaking of music, I know I have been talking about making a summer playlist and I have found a couple tunes I am obsessed with like California Gurls by Katy Perry and Your Love is my Drug by Ke$ha, but I need your help, so please leave some suggestions for me please and I will be sure to do a how blog dedicated to the playlist!!




  1. hey ashton, thanks so much for your comment on my last post -- it was exactly what i needed to hear! i don't know if you like country, but i love lonestar's new song, "making memories", eric church's "hell on the heart" and "stay here forever" by jewel!

    hope these add to your summer song list and hope you had a great weekend!