Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back in action!

So, it has been an entire week since my last blog, sorry I have been so busy enjoying the summer sun, along with visiting friends and family. Must say I enjoyed a girls evening last friday which of course included SATC2, which I loved, I know it is getting mixed reviews, but I LOVED it. Before the movie, TMOSS and I had an adventure, as we usually do, her car decided to get a flat tire in the middle of the interstate, but thankfully we got off the interstate safetly. I also started my new summer job, so that added more fun. I learned how to use a cash register...scary, but I tackled it.
This weekend we went to visit my aunt, who has a beautiful little backyard and pool area, it is just so quaint, I love hanging out there.

This was my view for the weekend...
Started a great new book, Mary Kay Andrews, I just love her books!!! I just finished Savannah Breeze and now I am reading Savannah Blues. You may also notice my precious dog Zoe who decided to tan with me.Overall it was a great weekend with friends and family.
I have also taken up a new challenge thanks to a dear friend, KB, it is RUNNING! Yeah, I hate it...and I am not very good at it, but I am attempting so that is half the battle, but if any of you have running advice, I would love to hear, maybe even a good choice for a running shoe.

Finally thanks to Politically Sweet for the Your going places baby award!!!! I am quite thrilled!

The challenge if this award is to imagine where you see yourself in 10 years... I guess I see myself working in the Journalism field, since it is my major. I hope to be travelling for both business and pleasure, as well as making my mark in a positive way. Hopefully by this point, I will have found that wonderful man who will make me incandescently happy and we will live a happy life centered around the blessing God bestows no matter what they may be. Of course, I ultimately don't choose my path God will, so here's to seeing what comes next...

So now to those I would like to tag next...
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I know this was a lot to catch up on.


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