Friday, June 11, 2010

Ralph Lauren... such a classic!

So I know all the proclaimed prepsters out there all know and love Polo, the iconic horse and the preppy, but simply classic attire, everyone loves it. I have a certain love for the "polo dress" Such a simple piece that can be so versatile.

I own two Polo dresses; one carribean blue and the other magenta, both have stayed with me over the last couple years and within that time they have been quite a few miles. I love clothing,but I also the love the impressions left after the clothing has been worn. Recently upon putting on one of my dresses, I began to remember every memory that had been made in that dress. Beach trips, Senior pictures, girls nights, dates, so many moments that were iconic in my life transitioned into such an iconic piece of clothing. I know it might sound silly to think of clothing in such an aspect, but as great as new things are, the old always wear the best! So, as you slip into your summer wardrobe, do you have a piece that often brings you comfort or bears a good memory?

-Ash :)

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  1. I love the Polo dress! I have a few too and last Christmas, I got one for my preppy niece (who just turned one!) and she looks very cute on it too. So, that's one versatile piece I'd definitely recommend for any age. =)