Saturday, February 6, 2010

like sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives!

It has been one of those days where everything starts out rough, but by the end there is a hint of a silver lining. Over the last couple years my brother and I have had a rocky relationship, which is due in part to both of us. I have been in the need for some advice lately and the only person I could think to go to in my family who would be honest was him. As soon I texted him, I felt as though we were 15 and 18 again sharing dating stories and picking at one another. It was as though we had never been at ends with one another. He gave some good honest and insightful advice and we even discussed how much we missed each other and were hoping to visit each other soon. This morning when I woke up, I was in a rut with my life and through my epiphany, my day was quickly Brightened.

Now for a rundown of my day other than that little bit above:

1. I got a tour of my Big's hometown, which was fun, and ate a local restaurant there.
2. I ate dinner with my Big, her sister and her brother-in-law at Taco Mac.
3. We then helped my Big's sister color her hair and now her sister is singing at the top of her lungs to us on speaker phone
4. I am ending the night with a little disney classic called, Mary Poppins

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