Thursday, February 25, 2010

Days go by....

Wow!!! It has been a few days and oh how much has occured. Let's start with last week!
My stepfather's birthday was last weekend,so I packed up prepared to head home to celebrate with everyone. My big was coming with me, so we dropped off her car at her house. On our way, I had a sudden craving for Cheez-its as I often do, so upon deciding to stop and going in to pay, I LOCKED my keys in my car!!! So, then we went through the whole process of calling a locksmith because my extra key was back at my dorm room. The locksmith showed up in an unmarked van, CREEEPY, and his appearance was somewhat frightening, but fourtunately, we got the car unlocked and made it home safetly.
My parents took us both out to dinner later that evening, and to increase the excitement of my day, I got up to leave and ran right into my ex. It wasn't as awkward as I had once anticipated, but nonetheless it made the day just a little bit crazier.

Now for this week:
We just found out that 5 girls within my sorority have been chosen to represent us as rho gammas, meaning they will be on the other side of recruitment leading the young ladies who will be going through in the fall, so I am super excited about that. We had a social this week with the Chi Phi fraternity and our theme was Shipwrecked, it was a blast. One of my pledge sister's and I made shirts, stating" Don't touch the booty" of course in reference to treasure! Besides that, I have decided to make a name by running for senator on SGA, which I am hoping will be a blast. Now, if I can only stay on top of classes, the closer spring break gets the more lethargic I get.....
I hope to have my computer back this week, so hopefully I will have pictures up soon.


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