Monday, December 2, 2013

Family Traditions...(not Hank Jr. Style) and a Link up

If you haven't noticed, I've gotten a face lift thanks to Jenna over at Just a Southern Girl. Personally, I think it looks great, I think I will add some fonts and signatures and maybe some new pics and we will be set :)

Since we have entered the season I have decided to do a link up with Jenna. We have put together a holiday bucket list that we will try to complete this holiday season, but wait I've already started.
Every year we decorate the tree right after Thanksgiving, we decorate with holiday music playing and tell the stories of all the special traditions that make up our tree. So of course I had to document with a few photos...

These are our newest traditions (sorry for the double plaid and roughness, we had just finished black Friday shopping and I was feeling super gutsy with my fashion decisions) I am a huge Daisy Duck and high heel fan, so my kBe brought me the Daisy back from his trip and KLH brought me the Minnie high heel from hers. So this was their first year to hang on the tree.
A not so new one, kBe and I will be celebrating our fourth Christmas together this year and each year it gets more and more fun, as seen here. From timing the put up time for the tree, to putting up embarrassing childhood ornaments (some of them have magically disappeared ;)) to rivalry week football (I turn the music up as he turns the volume up on the game) to my parents providing us constant entertainment (they were in charge of photography this year) it seems to be one of the most comical and memorable memories, I'm very thankful he has joined our yearly tradition.
 We or should I say my UGA cheering Papa has allowed kBe to bring his Clemson tradition to our tree... this is a big deal friends, we had to document it.... Oh and remember those embarrassing ornaments from earlier, there's one under kBe's arm. He also receives a Clemson related ornament each year, so he can have his OWN Clemson tree one day, let's hope it's not purple and orange.

My final two traditions come from my grandparents, first the ornaments, while to you they may just be another ornament, to us it is the handmade ornaments my grandmother made from eggs, yes I said eggs. She punched a hole in the egg with a straight pin and drained them, she then used a special knife and cut the circle and cleaned the egg. It then dried for a day, and then she hand painted and designed each one, pretty cool huh? They are over 50 years old and we still use them. Behind the eggs and all the ornaments, you may notice beads, these are glass beads that belong to my Mom's parents. When they married in the mid 40s they were so poor that the beads were all they could afford and they two symbolize those who are no longer with us, but there legacy lives on and we remember how lucky we are.

So, what are your traditions?

Well I'd say we kicked it off right, here's to a season of fun, family, friends, and fellowship. I am off to watch CMA Christmas! Will you be watching?


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