Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boots and Birchboxes

People, can I just get on my soapbox for a minute?! OK great! Let's talk boots, I'm a huge fan of boots: Uggs, Duck, Riding, Cowgirl, even recently I have grown to like booties, but my friends they should not be difficult to find just because I have calves and I don't mean a little one, I mean ones I have worked hard for. So I recently began my first grown up job and we do LOTS of walking, so I wanted some nice riding boots to wear for work, but also not pay an arm and a leg for.... problem is my friends, is I fell in love with the style that looks like the Melissa Button Boot that Frye makes. Good luck finding that style or any other that makes a cute boot that's "wide calf" So, not only am I dealing with wide hips, but now just because calves aren't stereotypical and I am short, I have to wear a "wide calf" boot. Please tell me there's a method to this madness people, are we being punished for not being the status quo according to society. Should we have to settle on a hideous style or any style for that matter, I think not! Okay, I will stop there, but I know there are other girls out there have gotten a boot lodged and stuck on your foot and your face is beet red. If  you have found a solution, please share, otherwise I am going to freeze this season.
The Melissa Button Boot, I adore.
Now to the positives, I am promise I am quite optimistic in many areas and those of you who know me personally, probably caught the sardonic tone and slight hint of humor in my previous rant ;) Birchbox equals the BOMB! If you haven't discovered these treasures and your Pinterest board for hair and beauty is rapidly growing, then you are definitely missing out. My bestie girl sCm gifted me a subscription for my birthday. So what are they, well just a miniature treasure trunk mailed to you monthly (I mean who doesn't enjoy a little snail mail?!) with all types of samples of high end, new, or preview finds in the area of hair and beauty, but it gets better. Each box can be customized to you. You go online and click all the things you like or need in your routine and it is shipped right to you (Great Christmas ideas, you're welcome). They also have a store on the site, so if you fall in love with one of the products they send, you buy and have it shipped straight to you. It is a lifesaver and even more a time saver, I am on my second month and cannot wait for my next pink box to arrive. Let me hear your favorite product you've gotten or if you decide to order how you like it?! It won't disappoint.

Well, I am writing on my lunch break, you can see I am not very consistent with my posts, sorry friends, my work life is crazy busy, my weekends are jammed pack, and sometimes the only thing that I want to do when I get home is bond with my DVR and enjoy a little R&R. Keep reading, I promise one day I will update this page, so I look a little more hip.

All the best,


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