Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The time of MY LIFE (All in my twenties)

Your twenties really are the days to live it up, wake up to early, go to sleep to late, and start a closet that will last rather than just land at the goodwill by the end of the season. It is the time to thrift and online shop, find your style and yourself, care for others and not just yourself like your teenage self did, but most importantly it's the time to learn to love yourself and make time for yourself, because Carrie Bradshaw said it best, "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first." It might sound like I'm being hypocritical, but if you have been there you know the feeling. College may have been the best years, but I lost myself in organizations and caring for others, that I forgot me and let myself and many relationships go, but I'm learning you truly can have it all if you learn the balance each day. It's not forgetting what you love, but adding to the bouquet and pruning as needed.
Most of my readers know I've dated the most wonderful boy who has grown into a strong, independent man over the last four and half years, we triumphed every mountain everyone said we wouldn't, maybe not perfectly, but the valleys and bumps, made us stronger and I'm thankful for his sarcasm, love of football, work, and most of all me, even when I may not deserve it. You may also know that I have a huge passion for Alpha Xi Delta and many of you know how much it has shaped my life over the past four years. Friends may come and go, but a SISTER is forever. Whatever you've heard about Greek life and whatever your opinion is negative or positive I can proudly stand from the outside and say it is hands down the reason I am who I am today. The memories I share with the 87 women I had the privilege of laughing, crying, shopping, and most of all loving are another reason I keep going. They encourage me when I need it, they are honest even when I don't want to hear it. You might even know that I picked a smaller school than I had originally intended to and spent 4 fabulous years in the western part of GA and absolutely flourished in and out of the classroom, I'm absolutely sure that there are few that are as passionate about giving back to their university and helping it grow as I am. I never knew paying for school would make you appreciate what it can give to you and how you can in turn give back so that others may do the same.
What you do not know is the struggles faced, the insecurities that any college woman let alone graduates face, trying to find who you are and who you will become while job hunting. No one tells you how the glamour of money isn't so glamorous when you realize how much finances will shape your life post-grad. However, while the inner-struggle is real, it's those above who have kept me sane over the last year let alone the last few months as I figured out my path.
It may not be everything I wanted, but it is everything I need. I graduated less than two months ago and have attained a J O B, yes a big girl one, came custom with a cubicle and all. I'm working in the automotive industry, something I would have never imagined, but I am learning so much about. I'm still within my major which is a blessing and even though I'm at home and not in my city of choice, somehow that's okay for now because I enjoy coming to work and being out in the community, I'm not making 6 figures, but who enjoys their jobs these days... I do and that was my goal.
So who am I these days? Why I am just a small town girl who is going to concerts and football games, has travel plans that included much more of Europe ($$$), who makes her dreams a reality even if they aren't exactly how she planned. I am God fearing, people loving, girl who has no reason to do anything but celebrate and dance. After all no one should dull your sparkle! Welcome to my world and me...raw, honest, and fabulous.

To my twenties,

Ash xoxo

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