Friday, August 2, 2013

Girls weekend in Savannah

Well girls weekend 2013 has commenced. My mom and her her best friend go on a fun trip each year and typically go antiquing. This year since I've moved home and I graduated, I got invited to tag along. This year we opted for a weekend adventure to Savannah and Jekyll Island. I took a few snap shots of our adventures and my outfits thus far. My jacks (Jack Rogers) have been the shoe of choice so far and as always remain my summer shoe staple. Anyways, I'm off to read my current Mary Kay Andrews novel, Spring Fever. If you didn't know, she is my absolute favorite southern author and I definitely want to do a post about her soon. So here's to a weekend filled with history, bronzing, fun attire, vintage shopping, and lots of laughter. Catch up with you next week!

Side note: posting from my iPad and having problems attaching the photos, promise to edit and add ASAP! Standby :)

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