Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My First! What am I love today... old school music! Memories from high school and some of the most important moments of my life...Memories are free and that's about all I can afford right now(thank you textbooks)Since I am not technology advanced and don't know how to post you tube videos just yet, I will just link them. So take a trip down memory lane with me!
I'm So Paid-Akon No matter who I was with this song always made the party hoppin or the mood lighten. This was one of those roll down the windows and turn the volume up songs
I'm On A Boat-Lonely Island SENIOR YEAR as perverse and crude the song was the catchy made my senior summer and definitely still makes me remember some really great times
Light On-David Cook This song is the meager beginnings of a now almost two year relationship, who knew a great friend would turn out to be my first love and my rock. No matter where we go or how far away, that light will still be shining on.
Barbie Girl-Aqua What girl hasn't hummed this?!? Ohhh the ultimate girl tune and I can't lie it used to be my ring tone!
My Little Girl-Tim McGraw The daddy daughter song that will played at my wedding, it perfectly describes my relationship with my dad and step dad, bless that poor boys heart that has to ask permission ;)
Only Wanna Be With You-Hootie and the Blowfish The 90s whoop whoop? Strangely this reminds me of memories of dancing around the kitchen with my mom when I was 5. We didn't have a lot and it was just her and I, but a black radio was all we needed to be entertained.
3-Britney Spears Freshman year of college and the new friends and adventures we got into. Who knew a little small town South Georgia girl would become one of the best friends I'd have through speeding tickets, sorority beginnings, and just jammin through C-town.
For Good- from Wicked the Musical Only my best friend since the 6th grade would understand the meaning of this song. I'm a musical nerd, but this song is my all time favorite because no matter the distance because of Suzanne, "I do believe I have been changed for the better" love you Suzie-Q
Hope you all have enjoyed my trip down memory lane!

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  1. I love the memories songs bring back! Hope you're having a great day!