Friday, April 30, 2010

Looking Back

Reminiscing... such a strong word, but I hate it because I can never spell it correctly. Anyhow, this week I began Reminiscing. My roommate, TMoss and I began slowly removing things from our walls and desks and closets as we prepare to move out of our dorm, and with each removal comes a story. A story of a late night laugh or dance party ( we loved to dance, and I am sure whoever lives below us despises us). Either way we have had so much shared in such a small space. While we come from two different spectrums, her being OCD, while me not so much, we somehow managed to live and breath in the same small area for the entire year and throughout it all we sparked one amazing friendship. Within nine months we have grown from young women to two independent ladies and we have learned life lessons along the way. Fortunately, both of us have decided to continue to be roommates next year, but thankfully we will both have seperate rooms, so she won't have to deal with my mess :). I have found some of our first photos from college, that we dug up as we were going through stuff.

My favorite photo of us!

The day we moved in! Our first Toga adventure

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