Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life in the FAST lane....

Well, it has been a few days, and quite whirlwind since my last blog, but let's get the big news out of the way first... Greek Week was a success once again. AXID won for the 4th year in a row!!!!!!! Yes, quite an exciting accomplishment. In addition, one of our sister's was named Greek Goddess, our 6th year winning that title!!!! Throught the week we dominated in events such as Penny Wars, Letter Count (which is quite hilarious), Trivia, and recieved awards for our community service efforts. Another sister also recieved the living the ritual award, which is AmaXIng!!! Okay, enough bragging, so sorry!!! I feel like a mother boasting her honor student child.... Me and couple of my pledge sisters on Game day Performing during the Variety Show, out theme was SNL!
Me and the Big Sis at the Letter Count, yes that is me hidden behind all that clothing. The object is to have the most stuff on donning your letters.

SOOOO on to more things!!!!!!

This past week, I had an encounter with a raccoon, yes RACCOON!!! It was standing outside my building when I was walking in, I was on the phone with my roommate, at first glance I thought it was a cat, but when I realized it wasn't I quickly yelled a few curse words, whole it preceeded to follow me, I thought I was going to wet myself, thankfully he jumped in the trashcan and I ran inside!!!
I also have a new obsession with Belks Department store.... There dresses this season are fabulous and the sales are amazing, plus the fit of their clothes is applicable to most body types, which is great for me. Plus dress shopping just makes me excited for SUMMER, which is almost here thank goodness! I only have two days of classes left and two finals and I have officially completed my freshman year... Exciting?!?! I think YESSS!! Here's to a good week and some extra sleep, I need to catch up from greek week!!!

Also check out my big's blog this week, she is blogging about the positives things in her daily life this week as an effort to stay positive through the end of the semester.



  1. Love it, especially the raccoon!! :)

  2. That's super scary with the raccoon, I would have freaked out and started screaming. Congrats on winning Greek Week!