Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week in, Week out

Painting nails, fixing resumes, doing laundry, the ultimate multitasking Sunday afternoon, oh and catching up with all my readers. It has been a whirlwind these past couple weeks and this is the first time I have either sat down to write or had any service. I have been to SC, AL, and spent time in both Atlanta and South Georgia. Yes, all in a matter of two weeks and I am headed to NC Friday, non stop people, non stop. Let's just make it more fun and add that I am job hunting and graduating within the next two weeks, I'll stop there believe me the list goes on. For now I will just post a few photos of what's been going on and then its back to the to-do list.

 This at aLs wedding, it was on Lake Martin in Alabama, absolutely picturesque. One of my favorite weddings I have attended this summer, it was simple, but classic and the setting was spectacular. The couple even rode up to the reception on a boat and had a cocktail called a Lillytini, representing their last name. aLs was also a member of my sorority. Congrats!
 You may recognize Min, also a fellow AXID alum and my traveling buddy who also traveled to the UK. We took a night off from life and went to Atlantic Station for dinner and drinks. This girl is also the Vine queen, you can always count on a funny video or selfie out of every adventure.
 Miss JHUNT is now Mrs. JSPERRY, she is the second sorority wedding this summer and the first in my pledge class. All four of us pledged together and it is funny to see how much we have all changed. Her reception was baseball themed, complete with a Tomahawk Chop and a 7th inning stretch. Congrats JSPERRY!
                             Just a combined group of active and alums at J&J Sperry wedding
My final two adventures were my third Peachtree Road Race, which included an exciting engagement for a dear family friend. The same friends had a daughter who got engaged at the race two years, you may notice the ring is on the wrong finger, her hand was too swollen to put it on at the time.
Finally, my south Georgia road trip to see my favorite 229 pal, KLH, we road back roads, toured her families farm, and worked at their grocery store. It was so much fun. She came back up to visit my family and went to the JSPERRY wedding with me.

Well I believe you now understand why I haven't been so consistent in my postings....

For now,

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