Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's the holiday season...

Here I go again taking a couple weeks to blog again, but I am keeping up with each of you and your blogs....

I can't believe the holiday season is here again. Time has flown by and boy has it been great. This time of year, I love giving, I love shopping, but most of all I love getting a little reminder of what is important to me... I love pictures so I decided to show you through pictures

My Family and my boy... wow this picture is old! They are gonna kill me. My Family first, they are the best support system, they push me and I despise them for it sometimes, but I know they have my best interest at heart. This holiday season I look forward to more memories shared.
A more recent photo of the boy and me! Oh boy I won't get sappy, but what a great two years. I'm over the top, he's reserved, I laugh at awkward moments, He laughs at my goofy, southern comments...This holiday I look forward to laughs and catching up, even though we are 3 hours apart each time I see him again I am reminded how thankful I am for him.My Step dad seen above and my dad below are both father figures to me. I don't use step, it doesn't exist in my vocabulary, I am so glad to have two, we ll three great men (the boy) in my life!

My LITTLE, jWm she is a mess, but she is a blessing and came at the perfect time in my life. I know I promised you all pictures of her, so here is one, but there will be plenty more. She is crazy and fun and yes we do favor a little bit..scary!

My Best Friend...we have been inseparable since the 6th grade. She is such a goal minded indidvidual and I couldn't be more proud of her and even though we are miles apart at school, I still cherish the holiday season and all the time we have to catch up during it....

My Aunt Melanie is someone who I am thankful for and certainly think about this time of year. She is such a rock and inspiration. my Uncle passed away almost 3 years ago and my Aunt and I have only grown closer because. She is a large part of the reason I am Greek, she was a Greek and had no little girl legacies, so I carried on the tradition. We really share an amazing bond and I thank God everyday for her.

This is the season to remember those who we love and are thankful....please share what you are excited about this season!

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