Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lovin Life

This is an honesty post, I feel like I don't have those to often so bare with me...
First and foremost I live the greatest life ever, just saying... I have the best friends, sisters, boy, and family ever (yes, I am a little bias) but I am so disappointed in myself lately. I put blogging on my to do list and everyday it gets pushed down further. Why? I don't know, I love blogging and for that matter, I love writing, but for some reason by the end of each day I find no time or energy. With so many great things going on in my life I hate that I don't blog as regularly as I do because then I have soo much to share it can't make it into one post.Enough of me dwelling on that note, in addition to my blog, I feel it's lacking lately, my followers have grown stagnant as well as comments, and I just need to re shape this whole thing!!!! SO, my point in telling you all of this is that I need some suggestions, improvements, SOMETHING!!!PLEASE!
Now moving on to updating everyone on my new loves in: music, decor, etc...
I am a southern girl if any of you haven't picked up on it yet:) and as a southern girl I do as most and love country music. Recently Luke Bryan visited the small college town in which I go to school, it quite possibly be the biggest thing that this town has ever seen. Pretty much every Greek, every redneck, everyone came and I must say the man is amazing live! So now I am more obsessed with his music than I was before, I went on a midnight shopping trip to find his CD, which was a failure but I had an amazing time walking around Wal-Mart with my new buddy, MW watching her sing down every aisle we strode down. Not to mention it was also homecoming week at my university, which might better explain our craziness.

Homecoming week in a nutshell: MAD(as in crazy)
ME singing at Luke Bryan

The bestie and I at LB

Along with homecoming and Luke Bryan, I just happened to turn 20 during the last week as well, no big deal or anything...20 feels different not on the outside, but definitely on the inside. I feel like I hold more responsibility, I truly AM an adult now and life just topped another level, but in addition to that I have had the most amazing 20 years a girl could ask for filled with innumerable blessings. We have and annual tradition of going to the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday, e and my girlfriends, and this year my sweet Mom came and joined us! Which was awesome!!!i completed my birthday week with a visit with my boy and his family. We went to the Miami v. Clemson game, which was a blast but it tool me four hours to get there thanks to traffic and the silly sun decided to burn one half of my body(real cute!) but other than that he gave some really awesome gifts, purple and orange of course, but nonetheless it was great to see him. I am looking forward to the 20 and hope they are just as amazing as the last 20 have been.

My other new love is Tervis Tumblers. Yes, I know I am a bit late on that trend and I only own two at the moment, but they are the greatest thing since sliced bread! If you don't own one you should...They keep the coldest thing COLD and the hottest things HOT!

My initial one(mine is the pink A) And of course it wouldn't be complete without my Clemson one(in honor of the Clemson boy)

This post has run way to long, but I am hoping to somehow to revise this whole blog and get it back to the way it used to be! Have a great week!

oh and p.s. if you like to keep up with me and blogging isn't as constant, I am also a twitter fanatic... so follow me @ashtonbee.


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  1. i can totally attest to you being a twitter fanatic because i am too! sorry i've been so MIA on here and i can't believe i missed your birthday! here's to a belated birthday comment and hope it's not too late to wish you all the best! talk soon lady :)