Thursday, August 12, 2010

quick post

so school is back in session for me as of today... as most of you know I have started my adventure in apartment life. I can't wait to post pictures since I have been sharing all my adventures in shopping around for the space this summer. Last night MB had an adventure with pizza. We definitely had no pizza cutter or pan, so we put the pizza on the rack and made the best effort to tear it apart evenly. It was quite hilarious!!! Other then that, I am getting back into the swing of life and classes.. blah!

One update I did want to post was about my best friend's mother I was recently telling you all about. Her surgery went really well and it turned out what they took out from her lung was scar tissue and she is CANCER FREE!!!! So that is wonderful to hear.

Well I am off to class again, I am going to try to be a more faithful blogger.....


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  1. When I heard this great news, I was super relieved. God must have listened to all of our prayers!
    When you found out this news, you and I were on our way to the beach. What impressed me the most was that you were still able to put that smile I so admire on your face, which made for yet again, another very happy and successful Bohn + Ashton Vacation! You mean the world to me. Love you with all my heart <3

    P.S. There will be many more vacations to come. Perhaps just a Kevin + Ashton one Haha

    XOXO Kev