Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do you lifestyle??!?

When I write all the things, my head starts reeling, I just want to be one of those have it all together girls, who have time to workout, eat right, and shop constantly, but let's be honest their lives aren't perfect either, it's just an Instagram photo, we are all writing the story ourselves.

Over the last three months or so, I have been finding my happy, as I am sure you have read in my all in my twenties post, but what you didn't know was behind the scenes I was changing my lifestyle when it came to diet and exercise. Once again I'm not this girl

but i am this one:

PS this is the most model I will ever be ;)
Frizzy hair, chapped lips and all I am completely okay with who I am and who I am becoming....
So about the lifestyle, I have been eating a lot better, clearly college doesn't teach you anything about nutrition, but post college life teaches you to find it quickly when you see yourself in the mirror without a tee shirt and leggings on. So I chose the 17 day diet don’t know if you have heard of it, but it’s the hardest and best thing I have ever done. It is four quadrants of 17 days, you cut out certain things, then add certain back in. I can honestly say I didn’t realize how bad I ate until I did this. Do I eat perfect all the time? Let’s be real… no way Jose! However, I do make better choices 95% of the time and that’s what makes a difference, especially as we enter the holiday season…. So how do you lifestyle? I would love to hear.

PS Look forward to another Holiday Bucket List post this week


Monday, December 2, 2013

Family Traditions...(not Hank Jr. Style) and a Link up

If you haven't noticed, I've gotten a face lift thanks to Jenna over at Just a Southern Girl. Personally, I think it looks great, I think I will add some fonts and signatures and maybe some new pics and we will be set :)

Since we have entered the season I have decided to do a link up with Jenna. We have put together a holiday bucket list that we will try to complete this holiday season, but wait I've already started.
Every year we decorate the tree right after Thanksgiving, we decorate with holiday music playing and tell the stories of all the special traditions that make up our tree. So of course I had to document with a few photos...

These are our newest traditions (sorry for the double plaid and roughness, we had just finished black Friday shopping and I was feeling super gutsy with my fashion decisions) I am a huge Daisy Duck and high heel fan, so my kBe brought me the Daisy back from his trip and KLH brought me the Minnie high heel from hers. So this was their first year to hang on the tree.
A not so new one, kBe and I will be celebrating our fourth Christmas together this year and each year it gets more and more fun, as seen here. From timing the put up time for the tree, to putting up embarrassing childhood ornaments (some of them have magically disappeared ;)) to rivalry week football (I turn the music up as he turns the volume up on the game) to my parents providing us constant entertainment (they were in charge of photography this year) it seems to be one of the most comical and memorable memories, I'm very thankful he has joined our yearly tradition.
 We or should I say my UGA cheering Papa has allowed kBe to bring his Clemson tradition to our tree... this is a big deal friends, we had to document it.... Oh and remember those embarrassing ornaments from earlier, there's one under kBe's arm. He also receives a Clemson related ornament each year, so he can have his OWN Clemson tree one day, let's hope it's not purple and orange.

My final two traditions come from my grandparents, first the ornaments, while to you they may just be another ornament, to us it is the handmade ornaments my grandmother made from eggs, yes I said eggs. She punched a hole in the egg with a straight pin and drained them, she then used a special knife and cut the circle and cleaned the egg. It then dried for a day, and then she hand painted and designed each one, pretty cool huh? They are over 50 years old and we still use them. Behind the eggs and all the ornaments, you may notice beads, these are glass beads that belong to my Mom's parents. When they married in the mid 40s they were so poor that the beads were all they could afford and they two symbolize those who are no longer with us, but there legacy lives on and we remember how lucky we are.

So, what are your traditions?

Well I'd say we kicked it off right, here's to a season of fun, family, friends, and fellowship. I am off to watch CMA Christmas! Will you be watching?


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boots and Birchboxes

People, can I just get on my soapbox for a minute?! OK great! Let's talk boots, I'm a huge fan of boots: Uggs, Duck, Riding, Cowgirl, even recently I have grown to like booties, but my friends they should not be difficult to find just because I have calves and I don't mean a little one, I mean ones I have worked hard for. So I recently began my first grown up job and we do LOTS of walking, so I wanted some nice riding boots to wear for work, but also not pay an arm and a leg for.... problem is my friends, is I fell in love with the style that looks like the Melissa Button Boot that Frye makes. Good luck finding that style or any other that makes a cute boot that's "wide calf" So, not only am I dealing with wide hips, but now just because calves aren't stereotypical and I am short, I have to wear a "wide calf" boot. Please tell me there's a method to this madness people, are we being punished for not being the status quo according to society. Should we have to settle on a hideous style or any style for that matter, I think not! Okay, I will stop there, but I know there are other girls out there have gotten a boot lodged and stuck on your foot and your face is beet red. If  you have found a solution, please share, otherwise I am going to freeze this season.
The Melissa Button Boot, I adore.
Now to the positives, I am promise I am quite optimistic in many areas and those of you who know me personally, probably caught the sardonic tone and slight hint of humor in my previous rant ;) Birchbox equals the BOMB! If you haven't discovered these treasures and your Pinterest board for hair and beauty is rapidly growing, then you are definitely missing out. My bestie girl sCm gifted me a subscription for my birthday. So what are they, well just a miniature treasure trunk mailed to you monthly (I mean who doesn't enjoy a little snail mail?!) with all types of samples of high end, new, or preview finds in the area of hair and beauty, but it gets better. Each box can be customized to you. You go online and click all the things you like or need in your routine and it is shipped right to you (Great Christmas ideas, you're welcome). They also have a store on the site, so if you fall in love with one of the products they send, you buy and have it shipped straight to you. It is a lifesaver and even more a time saver, I am on my second month and cannot wait for my next pink box to arrive. Let me hear your favorite product you've gotten or if you decide to order how you like it?! It won't disappoint.

Well, I am writing on my lunch break, you can see I am not very consistent with my posts, sorry friends, my work life is crazy busy, my weekends are jammed pack, and sometimes the only thing that I want to do when I get home is bond with my DVR and enjoy a little R&R. Keep reading, I promise one day I will update this page, so I look a little more hip.

All the best,


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The time of MY LIFE (All in my twenties)

Your twenties really are the days to live it up, wake up to early, go to sleep to late, and start a closet that will last rather than just land at the goodwill by the end of the season. It is the time to thrift and online shop, find your style and yourself, care for others and not just yourself like your teenage self did, but most importantly it's the time to learn to love yourself and make time for yourself, because Carrie Bradshaw said it best, "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first." It might sound like I'm being hypocritical, but if you have been there you know the feeling. College may have been the best years, but I lost myself in organizations and caring for others, that I forgot me and let myself and many relationships go, but I'm learning you truly can have it all if you learn the balance each day. It's not forgetting what you love, but adding to the bouquet and pruning as needed.
Most of my readers know I've dated the most wonderful boy who has grown into a strong, independent man over the last four and half years, we triumphed every mountain everyone said we wouldn't, maybe not perfectly, but the valleys and bumps, made us stronger and I'm thankful for his sarcasm, love of football, work, and most of all me, even when I may not deserve it. You may also know that I have a huge passion for Alpha Xi Delta and many of you know how much it has shaped my life over the past four years. Friends may come and go, but a SISTER is forever. Whatever you've heard about Greek life and whatever your opinion is negative or positive I can proudly stand from the outside and say it is hands down the reason I am who I am today. The memories I share with the 87 women I had the privilege of laughing, crying, shopping, and most of all loving are another reason I keep going. They encourage me when I need it, they are honest even when I don't want to hear it. You might even know that I picked a smaller school than I had originally intended to and spent 4 fabulous years in the western part of GA and absolutely flourished in and out of the classroom, I'm absolutely sure that there are few that are as passionate about giving back to their university and helping it grow as I am. I never knew paying for school would make you appreciate what it can give to you and how you can in turn give back so that others may do the same.
What you do not know is the struggles faced, the insecurities that any college woman let alone graduates face, trying to find who you are and who you will become while job hunting. No one tells you how the glamour of money isn't so glamorous when you realize how much finances will shape your life post-grad. However, while the inner-struggle is real, it's those above who have kept me sane over the last year let alone the last few months as I figured out my path.
It may not be everything I wanted, but it is everything I need. I graduated less than two months ago and have attained a J O B, yes a big girl one, came custom with a cubicle and all. I'm working in the automotive industry, something I would have never imagined, but I am learning so much about. I'm still within my major which is a blessing and even though I'm at home and not in my city of choice, somehow that's okay for now because I enjoy coming to work and being out in the community, I'm not making 6 figures, but who enjoys their jobs these days... I do and that was my goal.
So who am I these days? Why I am just a small town girl who is going to concerts and football games, has travel plans that included much more of Europe ($$$), who makes her dreams a reality even if they aren't exactly how she planned. I am God fearing, people loving, girl who has no reason to do anything but celebrate and dance. After all no one should dull your sparkle! Welcome to my world and me...raw, honest, and fabulous.

To my twenties,

Ash xoxo

Friday, August 2, 2013

Girls weekend in Savannah

Well girls weekend 2013 has commenced. My mom and her her best friend go on a fun trip each year and typically go antiquing. This year since I've moved home and I graduated, I got invited to tag along. This year we opted for a weekend adventure to Savannah and Jekyll Island. I took a few snap shots of our adventures and my outfits thus far. My jacks (Jack Rogers) have been the shoe of choice so far and as always remain my summer shoe staple. Anyways, I'm off to read my current Mary Kay Andrews novel, Spring Fever. If you didn't know, she is my absolute favorite southern author and I definitely want to do a post about her soon. So here's to a weekend filled with history, bronzing, fun attire, vintage shopping, and lots of laughter. Catch up with you next week!

Side note: posting from my iPad and having problems attaching the photos, promise to edit and add ASAP! Standby :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Redesign....yes please

Here's the bottom line I have missed out on what is cool in the blogging world, since I left and my blog is looking a little shall we say "old fashioned". I'll be brief, I need all you readers out there to help me with suggestions as to how to re vamp this page to better represent me...I will take all assistance or suggestions.
Additionally, I am working on some exciting posts that will be coming soon. I am really excited and I may have some guest blogging. :) For now, I am focused on graduation, I graduate from college on Saturday, so until then I may be a little tied down.

Much Love,


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week in, Week out

Painting nails, fixing resumes, doing laundry, the ultimate multitasking Sunday afternoon, oh and catching up with all my readers. It has been a whirlwind these past couple weeks and this is the first time I have either sat down to write or had any service. I have been to SC, AL, and spent time in both Atlanta and South Georgia. Yes, all in a matter of two weeks and I am headed to NC Friday, non stop people, non stop. Let's just make it more fun and add that I am job hunting and graduating within the next two weeks, I'll stop there believe me the list goes on. For now I will just post a few photos of what's been going on and then its back to the to-do list.

 This at aLs wedding, it was on Lake Martin in Alabama, absolutely picturesque. One of my favorite weddings I have attended this summer, it was simple, but classic and the setting was spectacular. The couple even rode up to the reception on a boat and had a cocktail called a Lillytini, representing their last name. aLs was also a member of my sorority. Congrats!
 You may recognize Min, also a fellow AXID alum and my traveling buddy who also traveled to the UK. We took a night off from life and went to Atlantic Station for dinner and drinks. This girl is also the Vine queen, you can always count on a funny video or selfie out of every adventure.
 Miss JHUNT is now Mrs. JSPERRY, she is the second sorority wedding this summer and the first in my pledge class. All four of us pledged together and it is funny to see how much we have all changed. Her reception was baseball themed, complete with a Tomahawk Chop and a 7th inning stretch. Congrats JSPERRY!
                             Just a combined group of active and alums at J&J Sperry wedding
My final two adventures were my third Peachtree Road Race, which included an exciting engagement for a dear family friend. The same friends had a daughter who got engaged at the race two years, you may notice the ring is on the wrong finger, her hand was too swollen to put it on at the time.
Finally, my south Georgia road trip to see my favorite 229 pal, KLH, we road back roads, toured her families farm, and worked at their grocery store. It was so much fun. She came back up to visit my family and went to the JSPERRY wedding with me.

Well I believe you now understand why I haven't been so consistent in my postings....

For now,